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Where can I begin? There are so many amazing attributes about dragon energy. It had one of the most impact on my life if not the most. How I got introduced to the world of dragons is quite a funny story. One particular night I was sitting on the couch with some friends and I started feeling really weird. I felt intense heat all over my body and began sweating like crazy. I repeatedly got the feeling that I got bumped at like someone is trying to get my attention. I tried to clear my mind but paranoia kicked in. After I decided to leave my friends and be alone I heard this really deep voice saying : ”Are you really this dumb?”. Startled at first I did not know who this was, then I remembered my growing interest of dragons and the urge to meet one in person. After that realisation I got the clear image of a dragon eye, it was a deep red penetrating eye. Confused and excited I embarked on a journey that change my life.

The weeks after that encounter I desperately tried to reconnect with dragon energy. Without much success I moved on with the mindset that it would not happen again. I stumbled upon a guided meditation to meet your dragon. Without any expectation I emerged into that meditation. A white dragon came to me, he had one red-eye and a blue one. I had the feeling that we have met before, he was distant towards me. As excited as I was, my emotion took the upper hand and without a doubt I came close to his neck and tried to jump on. He refused and flew away.

Again I was really confused what I did wrong and started to doubt myself. At this time I was very unsure about my relationship with the spirit world. But then, after a few weeks something amazing happened that erased any doubt of my mind. I was laying In bed thinking when a thought popped up, close your eyes. As I closed my eyes and relaxed a huge yellow dragon eye appeared. My heart started pounding and this immense heat and sense of being came over me. I opened my eyes and realised that the eye was still there ! There was a physical manifestation of a spirit in my room ! I felt so overwhelmed and happy at the same time he introduced himself and then projected a film on my bedroom wall. Something so personal and profound I choose not to share it out of respect of that moment.

After these events I got obsessed with dragons, my mind and heart were longing for this connection the more I discovered about it. I started soaking up all the information and stories about dragons as much as I could. But I soon realised that I had a lot of inner work to do if I wanted to work with my dragons. My main issues were my insecurity and with healthy boundaries. Oh boy could I have not asked for a better teacher. I discovered how I could apply the attributes of my dragon to my daily life. I started to be fierce where I needed to be setting the boundaries I so desperately needed. Everyday I became more confident and powerful.

Weeks maybe even months went by without a sign of my dragon. This alone time gave me the respect for the presence of such beautiful creatures, I was sleepwalking back into old habits and had a spiritual low for the first time in months. I had no purpose and felt drained. I set a new goal for my self that day. To find my life’s purpose and embody it fully. I started to emerge myself into the world of shamanism and started to integrate all experiences of the last months. Honouring the spirits became a important part of my life and as I became closer to myself my dragon returned. He is mystery itself and gives me bits and pieces of information to learn from and shows up only when I really need it. After writing this story I really am more grateful and honoured to be his friend.

Lessons of the dragons

One of the most profound lessons that I have learned from working with dragons is to use your inner dragon. You can get access to your inner dragon in many ways. For me when I have a difficult situation I try to imagine standing with deep blue fire surrounding me and ask myself how I would respond on this matter with a dragon mentality. I will give you a few examples that resonate a lot with me to draw upon this power.

  • Imagine standing in fire, notice what colour the fire is you are standing in. Is it a soft red? or a deep purple? pay attention to the details of the fire and ask yourself how it feels to be this power. Hold on to this feeling, you might get a physical response there are no right and wrongs with this go with your gut.
  • Spend an amount of time with the mindset that you are the embodiment of a dragon and you will respond appropriately. I would recommend a day or longer but any length of time will do. You will find yourself in a position of power and clarity. Observe how you are behaving and take notes.

There are many ways to draw upon this power and I urge you to find your own way if these do not work or resonate for you. The mystery surrounding the dragon is what fascinates me. You can learn from their mysterious side. How to be where you are needed to be and to live a life full of mystery. For me it triggered my inner child and gave life that amazing glow it once had. When you step in your inner child you become fearless full of adventure and bold enough to ask the questions that you want to know to tell your truth and walk your talk.

Connecting with your dragons

Everyone has their own dragon, it can come in many forms but there is always a part of your dragon self that is trying to help you. I will share some information about connecting with your dragon. As I started this journey with dragons I realized how little information there could be found about these amazing creatures and even fewer about connecting and maintaining a relationship with them. I hope that I can help you begin or even further your journey with dragon energy. Before I begin giving examples of how you can connect I would like to share some tips that I gathered throughout my experiences. It is really helpful to give them thanks and honour them in any way you see fit. I do this by lighting incense or purchasing a crystal or stone for them. Before you start your experience with this energy clear your mind and ask for your dragon to come to you in any way it deems fit. Say your prayer and thanks and begin your method of connection.

  1. The first one might seem obvious but it can really help to dive deep in any information, art, stories and music about dragons. Get obsessed with it and think about it regularly this helps enable to make a connection to that part of you.
  2. Meditation, ah this one helped me allot. At first you might get nothing but do not give up. I strongly urge to use a guided meditation. But if you prefer doing it on your own I will offer some guidance for you. Imagine being at your favourite place, it can be anything in nature maybe it is something out of your childhood. Feel how it is to be there soak in this feeling. If this sensation brings any thoughts observe them and let them flow through you. Start noticing how your surroundings look like what details you can find and what colours you perceive. Maybe you hear smell or feel something. When you have a clear sensation of your surrounding and being turn around. Your dragon awaits you there. From this point you can ask personal questions or anything that pops up. Remember if this does not work for you do not worry, persistence and intention are key factors. Here is guided meditation that worked the best for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlSKFXGpdBk&t=142s
  3. Art and dreams, I feel the connection with art and dreams are very strong with the dragon connection. You can express yourself by just drawing, painting heck in any way you like to create, try to go in with the intention to connect with your dragon and see where the art brings you. If you are not that into art you can do anyway you see fit. Dreams.. Oh man I wished I had dragon dreams all the time, but I am glad that I do not dream of it often now it feels special every time. While you are laying in bed just before you would normally doze off into sleep you can try to fill your mind with the feeling of flying on a dragon, being a dragon and again anything will do just fill your mind and repeat mentally, out loud or write it down that you are gonna dream of dragons and that you will make a connection tonight. I highly recommend keeping a dream journal, it is a commitment and it can be a pain in the butt to write when you desperately feel like you need sleep but trust me it is all worth it.

Working with dragon energy

There are many ways you can express and manifest this energy. Self healing is the most important reason for me to write this article. Dragons excel at self mastery and that includes self healing, they know themselves better then anyone and use them to help themselves and others. To embrace your inner dragon is the first step to work with dragon energy and to let it flow through you. I am merely a pupil when it comes to working with these energies. Self mastery is my most important ambition.

Another great ability the dragon carries with it is the power to transmute energy. This goes hand in hand with self healing. In the process of self healing with dragon energy you become conscious of the area that needs healing it may be physically emotionally or spiritually. When you understand the reason of this ailment the next step is to let the blockade dissolve by transmuting it with dragon energy. How you can do this may differ from person to person, do what is most natural to you. You can visualize yourself in a transmuting fire or you can ask your dragon to help you transmute it for you. As I am merely beginning to understand what it means to work with these energies I do not feel comfortable enough to share more techniques. When I feel it is the right time I shall share more techniques. I hope this article was helpful for you.

When I started my own journey with dragons this website really helped me out and it might help you too !


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Carrie Dayton Madsen

This is an amazing post. I am dealing with an inner dragon, I ran into it and didn’t realize what it was. Everything you are describing is exactly what I am experiencing internally. Thank you for writing this.