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Dragon skulls


Dragon skulls are a big teacher for me in my life. When I purchased my first dragon skull I had no clue what to expect. certainly I did not prepare for an intense journey of self discovery.Recently I have been given the task of making my own skulls. And have done that for the last weeks with very much gratitude. Beautiful dragons have come before me to make a skull for. And while I am doing my part for the dragons they have returned the favour big time.

What are dragon skulls?

They can come in many shapes forms and sizes, most of them are made out of stones or Crystals. But also sculptures from wood and other materials can hold the energy of a dragon. When the material is being crafted into a Dragon an energy can come in to it and use it like a house. The energy will remain dormant until the right person to work with it has been found. The properties of the dragon is most of the time amplified by the material it is crafted from.


What is their purpose

The energies contained within a skull are powerful when you combine it with the right person. It can help you in various ways and I will give you some key examples.

  • Detaching from problems,traumas,addictions and learning to live with healthy boundaries
  • Transmuting what is no longer right and working
  • Confidence by learning about the deepest parts of your being, understanding how your personal actions, thoughts and emotions work
  • Learning about the outer universe by applying the knowledge of thyself
  • Loving with fiery passion, to embrace the essence of your being and expressing it through the heart

Every dragon will work in a different way, the essence of every being expresses itself in a unique way.

The dragons choose their partner before going into a physical form. When a person is drawn to a certain skull it may very well be that the dragon has chosen his partner. There are many indicators if the skull is a match. You may find yourself dreaming about a dragon or even the skull itself. Sometimes they make their presence known without having a physical form. When this occurs it is very important to listen to yourself and do what feels right. When someone is drawn to a skull and decides to think about it for a longer period of time it is important to check your response. It may be emotional, physical or spiritual, there may be sadness, longing for something or even shivering of the body. These are all signs that you should ask yourself if the skull has to be with you.

When the dragon skull has chosen you and you honoured that call then it is time to find out for what purpose he or she has joined you. Every dragon has it own personality just like us and when building a relationship it can be quite difficult to reach them. Some are more willing and open then others, depending on the characteristics and life lessons. When they announce that the time has come to work with them you should honour that call and deepen your relationship.

Besides from the general healing aspects of dragons they each carry a unique mission template that matches with yours. When you have healed yourself enough that you are ready for their true energy teachings they will extend their wisdom to you. This can come in multiple ways and most of the time one dragon will concentrate their teachings into one broad subject. This is why many will find themselves working with many different kinds of dragons to fully realize their strenght and wisdom.

Working with dragon skulls

When the first energetic contact with the dragon skull has been made the response of your being is a very influential indicator of how your relationship will work. So that is why it is important to be aware when connecting with your dragon skull. Because dragons have such a strong energy it can easily be overwhelming at first. When you experience being overwhelmed it may be an indicator how transformational your relationship will be for you.

When I acquired my first dragon skull the energy was very soothing and familiar and not overwhelming at all. Months after caring for it I realised that there was a soul in the skull. Unaware of this I never deepened my relationship with it. After getting to know the dragon I realised that my initial response to the skull was corresponding with the task that we share.

Building a relationship can be quite difficult and requires a lot of patience. There are many ways of connecting with your skull and I will share some I know.

  • Meditation

Keep the skull in your hands and try to tune into the energy, feel how it pulsates and emanates its energy around. Then shift your awareness to your body. And try to notice if there is a place on your body that is experiencing some kind of pull. This pull indicates where the skull can best be put to work with you at this moment. Or intuitively place the skull on your body. Start noticing how the energies are flowing within and around you, you may ask a question that you have for the dragon. The answer may come to you in a thought form, or maybe an image. Try to visualise the energy of your dragon, notice the colour and how it feels. Remember this and write it down.

  • Dreaming

This one is rather peculiar and requires a good dream recall, you can practice this by writing down your dreams. When your dragon comes to you in a dream you might not notice it at first, because they can choose whatever form they seem fitting. But when you are aware of the precense of your dragon start noticing the details of the dream. The things that were said, the enviroment of the dream. Write everything down that you can remember and start to investigate the details of the dream. When you the dragon keeps occurring into the dreams try to compare the dreams and find the similarities to  the message.

Connecting with your dragon can come in many ways and these are just the ways I have experienced. It is important to stay aware to notice the little signs you get everyday.

My experiences

When I first got introduced to dragon energy, my guardian dragon came forth and catapulted my personal growth. Soon after that I decided to look for an dragon skull. Not knowing the great depth and personality that lays within I got drawn to an black orgonite skull. It was pretty expensive and I did not know if it was worth it at the time. But the dragon stayed in my mind and after a while I decided that I would purchase it. When I started to meditate and work with it a bit I noticed how familiar and protective the energy felt. Months went by without actively working with it. I used it mostly as protection and stabilizer when I journeyed.

Then my life suddenly changed when I joined an dragon group on Facebook and really started to work with dragons more actively. After a while I received an reading for my dragon skull that I had won for Christmas. That reading was so profound and really opened my eyes who I was working with all that time without even knowing there was a being present with me. After this my eyes were opened and a new chapter had begun for me. I started to honour him and try to decode the message given in the reading.

Now aware that a dragon skull has an actual being attached to it I started to work with dragons more closely and soon a new dragon came into my life. It was a blue dragon with feminine energy, soon after she came into my life a red dragon joined us. They came to me to integrate the duality in my being. As the feminine and masculine they both started to touch me at my core level. They are both with me now in Skull form too.

Now back at the present day. I stumbled upon an blog post about someones dragon skulls and started to read. I got a tremendoes pull towards a labradorite crystal skull. My heart was racing and I felt if I should send the person a message. After a few hours the dragon came to me in non-physical form and told me how he could help me grow. So he started to give me some ‘homework’ to do so I would be prepared. I told her this story of how we connected. We both felt a little amazement with the fact that I connected to her skull. But very open minded she encouraged our connection and after these events I have learned so much from the things he told me. I could piece together the missing pieces about my understanding with my twin flame and with space and time. I even got an picture from her after these events ! I’m truly blessed.

This is the crystal skull, thank you for reading.


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