The one who sees

The one who sees

Simplicity in nature complex in reality.
Peace in his heart. War in his mind.
Who is this seerer of visions.

A man of dual nature struggles yet thrives.
A man who loves without expectations.
And yet he sees, a vision of pain and dissapointment
A warrior he becomes for he shall not feel the pain nor dissapointment of expectation.
A warrior of peace.
Peace within that is his goal.
And to share this with the world.

A man, a seerer of visions.
Being alone is what he needs.
Company his Desire.
When the lights go out.
The fire ignites.
Looking with fiery passion towards the future.
A troubled fate he once had.
Gone astray.
Looking the other way.
Compassion the saviour.
Of a broken man’s past.

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