Herkimer Diamond amplifier of energy

Amplifying energy


Herkimer diamond a s a crystal is a great fertile tool for energy work. Many crystals hold soft and gentle energy. And sensitivity and focus is required to sense their energetic presence. Herkimer diamonds function as an amplifier with energy to perceive and receive more spectrum of energy. The way this works is pretty straight forward. I break it down in simple terms of understanding.


Human body as energy battery

The human body is one big intricate system of eb and flow. How the heart pumps the blood through the veins. Energy flows from the universe through our meridians and chakras. Every meridian is a tiny vein that circulates energy throughout the body. Some come together and increase energy flow. When you hold a crystal in your hand. It is like that you intuitively choose your hand with a negative charge. This negative charge functions like a battery conduit. The negative charge attracts and pulls in energy. The positive amplifies and releases energy. With this perspective of seeing the human body as a battery we can add the science of amplification.

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. Their form is double terminated. That gives it the ability to send their own energies. And the ability to receive spiritual and amplify the energy. With this in mind, when you hold a Herkimer diamond in your positive charged hand. You allow your body to flow naturally and enhanced! The energy leaving your body first goes through the Herkimer diamond. The form and energy is redirected and amplified and circulates back into your negative charged hand. So when you hold a crystal in your negative charged hand. And a Herkimer diamond in your positive charged hand. Because the human body is in constant push and pull, a positive feedback loop is created. Where the energies amplify through intent and redirection. This allows even more deep and intense work with your crystals.

My favourite combination by far is to combine Herkimer’s with my pieces of moldavite. And  to undergo a transcendental experience. Keep in mind that these are high energy vibrations and proper grounding in life is required.


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