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When I started out as a little infant I was always the curious type, the kind that wouldn’t leave his mother’s side and preferred being alone rather than playing with other children. When I grew up more, I started detaching more from my mother’s loving embrace. And I started exploring and experimenting socially and later with the psyche.

As I look back I see that I really didn’t change that much, but 15-year-old me disagreed. I tried to get away from the system in any way I could. I was struggling at school and was carrying Lyme disease with me for a couple of years. I was not aware of how I was behaving and how I was unconsciously forging the independence that I now value so much.

At age 17 my experimental phase was at its peak, I dabbled in mind-altering practices and acquired new perspectives that would change my life. In this year I had my first awakening. Surrounded with friends in nature something came over me. A presence I’ve not felt in a long time. It guided me that day, showing and discovering who I am.

The road to discover who I am lead me back to that presence of my first awakening. Knowing that what I had experienced all those years were valid, changed me. Something deep awoke and never slept again. The magic that I had dimmed grew brighter with each passing day. Since that moment I have forged my own path with each step I’ve taken. And I’ve chosen to write about my experiences to express myself and share the epic adventures of my life.

It is good meeting you here

Bennie Alexander

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